Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Currently in Croatia

We're in Zagreb at the moment. Stopping over before our long trek to Greece.

Here are some updates from Dubrovnik:

These are both from the top of the walls built around the 'Old City' to protect from invasion. It's quite impressive, with five forts at each corner of the polygonal structure. Each fort had a seperate leader to protect the city from outside attack as well as from subterfuge within.

We were supposed to go kayaking and snorkeling there, but they had rain for the first time in three months, and the water was pretty rough, so we had to settle for exploring on foot.

This is a 70 m sea organ in Zadar that plays musical notes when the ocean ebbs and flows:

It's really quite impressive. We grabbed breakfast and sat out there just enjoying the melodies (it didn't hurt that we were eating chocolate croissants and cherry filled strudel). It's going to hurt coming home and eating cereal for breakfast.

And Plitvice Lakes National Park:

So many waterfalls and gorgeous lakes we couldn't stop taking pictures. We saw so many falls that they actually weren't as impressive by the end of the hike: "Oh look, another beautiful waterfall. It's not thaaat tall though..."

We've been staying mostly in sobe's or apartments rented by locals during the summer months, which has been great, but they are competing for guests now as the season winds down so you are constantly greeted by, "Hullo, lady? You need room? Very clean."

I think we're both happy to move on to Greece for a little change of pace.

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Jennifer said...

Hi! Just blog hoppin' and thought I would say HI...I love your blog! The photos and travels are amazing!!!!