Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Next stop...

We haven't written for a while, but we've been making good use of our rail pass.

Can you tell where we ended up?

How about now?



That's right, we got derailed (aren't we funny) and ended up in Paris for the day.

Before that, we headed from La Spezia along the Italian Riviera to Genoa, where we hopped onto a train bound for Milan.

This is us in a park in Milan. There was a big band playing in a gazebo and lots of people milling around listening and lounging.

We spent the day walking around Milan and went out for pasta and wine (imagine that). Quite a nice, bustling city. Lots of international stores that we recognized. Even a Ferrari store which Brad drooled in.

We spent the day in Paris, after a night train from Milan. When we arrived, Brad promptly used his Captain Awesome skills and saved a woman from an escalator accident. That's right, I've always had a fear of them and they can be scary. A woman fell backwards with her luggage and took down a line of people like dominoes. Quite scary actually, but everyone got picked up and only one person was hurt badly. Brad will tell the tale when we get back (by then there may be guns involved) :)

We visited the Notre Dame Cathedral (first pic), the Louvre (second), the Arc de Triumphe (third) and then of course, the Eiffel Tower.

Our plan was to detour for a day and then head to Venice, but the train was full, so now we're in Nice. We had a nice relaxing day on the beach and are just on our way out for supper and a stroll along the ocean. (If you've been following our trip on a map you may be wondering, what the heck are they doing? Well, we're winging it... Brad and Kelly style).

Grampa Sackett, good luck with your surgery. We'll be sending hugs your way.
Brandi, I heard you still have a few weeks. Hang in there....


Natasha Horrelt said...

Sounds like you guys are having a blast!! I love reading the blog. Keep up the posts and keep having fun.

Anonymous said...

I know what happened.... BRAD said "I want to follow the same path that cousin Rob did when he was here. It made him into the man he is today.. and well... I want to be more like him!"

Hopefully you stop in Monaco, that is if you already aren't in London.

Good call on Pisa, cause that tower is all their is... get off the train take the photo, get back on the train. Trains are awesome eh?

Keep having fun!


The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

Yes Rob, as usual, it's all about you.