Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Education, Eh! and Collages

We had a great weekend at Education, Eh! in Calgary! Came home with tons of free stuff, lots of ideas and some fun make n' takes. Plus, the people are always so great. We got to see Allison Orthner, Katharina Doyle, Leice Forrest, Vicki Boutin, and so many more! So great to see you all, ladies.

Here are the ladies of Scrapbook Savvy and Digital Diva:

I wish I had some photos of us in the warehouse.... that was a good time. Imagine that, I was distracted, surrounded by shelves and shelves of scrapbooking goodies. I was too busy drooling to take photos. There should be a box of goodies arriving soon, which I can not wait for.

I told you about a free program called Shape Collage a few posts ago. It's pretty neat. I played with it and made these two collages super quickly.

You can blame this mishapen heart on my poor drawing abilities...

The only thing is my computer is getting full and slow, so I may have to remove it and just use the sample when I want to make more of these. Wouldn't they be great to use on a layout or as a title page for a book?

As for our daily life, we had lots of visitors this weekend. Brad's sister and some of her friends as well as his old troop mate were all down at various times for a vist, which is always nice. Then, after everyone's gone and things are kinda cleaned up, we had our first run in with our sump pump last night... Had to call a plumber at 9 pm as our basement was slowly getting soggy. Luckily, they came quickly and no real damage was done, just a little dent in the pocket book. Ahhh, the joys of being a home owner.

That's today's update on our lives.

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