Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday update

What a great sunshiney day it is up here!! Yesterday was grey and we had a five minute snow storm, today, the sun was so bright at 6 am that it woke me up. Crazy weather, but I'm pulling for spring, so I didn't even mind the brightness.

I've been keeping myself busy this week. Monday I started a new yoga class, Tuesday, I met a friend for supper and a movie, last night I got groceries and baked some banana bread and some bagels (or something that was supposed to be a bagel...didn't quite turn out), and cleaned the house top to bottom. In between, I worked (sigh), went on a bunch of touring walks with the dog and fixed my mac (after much trial and error).

The movie I saw was 'Sunshine Cleaning,' which is pretty good. Much like Little Miss Sunshine, if you saw it. Same producers, I believe. Kinda funny and heartwarming.

Still no pictures of my layouts from the weekend, but I've got a few more farm pictures. A cute picture of Bear and Bailey last weekend:

Revenge for all the puppy hijinx he pulled on every dog he came across:

And Bailey enjoying a slough:

There is some water around out there...


M said...

I love that pic of Bailey in the slough. Very pretty.

1scrappymama said...

I love the pics from the farm! Hope the retreat was good!! See you tomorrow.