Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FUNdraiser Retreat

What a fun weekend! The kids cancer fundraiser retreat was really fun. We had so many great ladies out crafting, it was great. A good portion of them stayed at my mom and dad's, too, so we got to take the day's fun home with us and laugh and talk all night.

I'll take some photos of the layouts I got done at the retreat and post them later this week. The real star's are the ladies who got a ton done! Rhonda did three little mini books and Sharon got done 32 layouts for her cruise in June (that's right, she's scrapbooking in advance!!)

They're planning another one in the fall, so if you missed out on this one, be ready for the next!

We also got to visit Curtis and Brandi and Jada and meet mom and dad's new puppy, Bear.

This is Jada's first introduction to Bear.

Curtis is building a new house near my parent's farm and it's really moving along fast. They're building onto an older farm house in a really great, established yard and they've knocked down all kinds of out buildings and cleaned up the whole farm yard and tore up a bunch of flooring.... I can't wait until they get all moved in and settled out there. It will be so nice to have my parents and them so close.
One-stop visiting!!

Mom and I went out hunting for crocuses, but there weren't too many out. Here are a few pictures.

I had my first yoga class last night up here in Edmonton, and it went pretty well. A bit of chanting and a few poses that I couldn't do because my belly got in the way, but otherwise, it was good. I'm looking forward to next Monday's class.

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M said...

Hi: Loved your pictures and comments. It was a fun weekend!