Thursday, April 16, 2009

Either a girl or a shy boy....

We had our ultrasound yesterday, which was really cool, but unfortunately, Baby Malacko wasn't really cooperating. Saskatoon (our baby's name, while we wait to hear whether we can use he or she) was facing backwards, so we got a really neat view of the spine, but couldn't see the face and couldn't see if Baby is a boy or girl. Still saskatoon...

Oh well, as I said, still very neat to see a tiny little heart beating away and little hands and feet, arms and legs, and a big baby head. I have to go back in three weeks and try again because they couldn't get some of the measurements they needed, but so far, baby looks healthy.

We spent Easter weekend in Lethbridge visiting family and I finally got some photos of newbie Kale, our nephew. I even got some babysitting time with him all to myself. Lucky auntie!

Seriously, how cute is that?

And, in case you're babied out, here's a pet picture for you. Bailey and his favourite toy:

A torn up soccer ball that used to belong to Brad is his favourite toy to play with, lately. Not interested in intact balls or even the bones in the backyard, he will run to get this deflated ball as soon as the door bell rings in case whoever coming in may want to play.

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