Saturday, September 05, 2009

Funny Stories and I'm done!!!

Guess what? I'm done scrapbooking our Europe pictures!! 77 layouts, hundreds of photos, and nearly 11 months later.... the pictures are in 3 scrapbooks (aside from the ones that I chose not to scrapbook, which are in my little travel photo box). One thing checked off my list!

I'm actually making some good headway on a mini album of our weekend in Ottawa, too. I sat and scrapbooked yesterday afternoon and just about got it done. Hopefully, I'll finish it today.

Here are a few Europe layouts (sorry for all the flare in these pictures, I should take these during the day in natural light, but I always seem to think of it at night).

The Changing of The Guard, in Athens, Greece:

And a close up of the title and some more of Tim Holtz's grungeboard hinges:

The Champs Elysees in Paris:

And a great little Tattered Angels Glimmer Glass fleur-de-lis:

Last night, we had some company and Brad got to test his parenting skills. My friend came over with her two little boys and Brad had a blast entertaining them so we could visit. It's so nice to catch up.

Now, for my funny stories.

If you're a dog lover, you'll appreciate these, because they're both about my crazy dog, Bailey.

The first happened awhile ago. We were out for a walk and he is always really attracted to our neighbours lawn because they have a lot of lawn ornaments. He headed for a nice lawn gnome, lifted his leg, and then looked up only to see a statue of Jesus looking down on him. He paused, put his leg down and walked away, leaving the gnome untouched! Not in front of Jesus....

The second happened yesterday. There are two little pugs next door that drive him crazy and they were out in the backyard. It was pouring rain, but he wanted out so bad, so I opened the door and he came screeching across the kitchen and got two steps out the door when he put on the brakes and looked back at me, like, "you never told me it was raining!" Then he turned back to the task at hand, ran off the deck and to a low spot in the lawn that the pugs like to stick their nose under to taunt him, lifted his leg and peed and then came straight back to the house. Job well done.

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