Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ottawa Book

I spent a little bit of time making a little mini album for Saskatoon yesterday. It was just a quick, fast little book that I've got ready to add pictures and a few embellishments to when the little one arrives. I'll take some pictures of it and show you later.

The good thing about Saskatoon being late is I'm getting lots done.... I'm not getting any weeding done, but most other things are getting done. I just can't seem to make myself pull weeds. Not that bored, yet.

A few more pictures of the Ottawa book. I like looking at this little mini album. It's nice to remember such a fun weekend away with just the two (and a half) of us.

Saskatoon Watch - Day 7:

Not too much to report again. No baby. We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Should have some more news after that.

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