Monday, September 07, 2009

Surprises, tips and more scrapbooking


A few weeks ago, I discovered that the apple tree in my backyard that hasn't been producing any apples had an excuse... It's a plum tree! Huh....surprise! I was wondering why my apples were so sparse and tiny. Well, because they're not apples. The plums taste good, though. Apparently, I'm not a horticulturist.


A tip for all those mothers-to-be out there. My doctor suggested taking Materna prenatal vitamins, so I went out and bought some. While waiting for a friend at Cosco the other day, I checked out the Health Balance Maternity vitamins to compare the content. They're exactly the same, only the Health Balance vitamins are $10 cheaper for a bottle of 100! What a rip off. I've all ready bought three bottles of Materna, so I've wasted $30 that I could've spent elsewhere.

More Scrapbooking:

An Amphitheatre in Ephesus, Turkey:

This title used up one letter set, but I also used negative pieces of the alphabet sheet for the letters I was running out of. This is a good way to get more mileage out of your alphas. I always run out of e's long before I run out of anything else.

Santorini, my favourite stop in Greece:

I hand stitched these circles onto the layout and rolled and distressed the edges to make them stand out, then I arched the title along the circle and added a few rub-ons to add some more movement.

These are a few swirls and flowers I handcut from another patterned paper. I don't love the paper, but I really like the flowers. In this picture, I added a rub-on for a centre.

This one, I used a sticker for a centre.

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