Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gracie's One Week Old!

Time flies when you turn into the paparrazzi....

Gracie is one week old today! Can you believe it's been a week since she appeared? She's doing great and we're setting up a bit of a schedule. She's really quite content, so unless she gets overtired or overstimulated, we have a happy little girl on our hands.

One day, each post won't be full of pictures of Gracie, but for anyone who's losing interest, this is not that day. I have a few more pictures to share:

Who will fall asleep first?

Tummy Time:

Just cause she looked so cute... a few shots of her big eyes:

Bath Time. She liked her second bath at home much better than her first...

The flowers the neighbour brought over for us. They smell fantastic! The whole house smells clean now :)


M said...

aahhhhh!! Wish I was there.

Cheryl said...

oh, I can just smell that new baby smell, there's nothing like it! I gotta get my girls going for grandchild #2!!