Monday, September 14, 2009

Not too much to report. We went to the dog park again yesterday to try and add a few more steps to my day... I rolled some loose change this morning... How sad is that? Today, I'll clean the house and maybe get some scrapbooking in. Should be good.

Since I'm not too exciting, here are a few things other people are doing that I thought were interesting:

Taylor Swift won a MTV music video award for her video and Kanye West stormed the stage, stole the mike from her and said that Beyonce should have won.... Classy.

When Beyonce won an award, she called Taylor back out and let her make her acceptance speech. Much better.

Federer's phenomenal shot in the U.S. Open. Seriously. Phenomenal shot. And what a time to hit it?! Horse shoes.

And it's out... Caster Semenya (the South African runner involved in the gender scandal) is a hermaphrodite... Really? It took weeks to determine whether she is a female (should be a pretty quick test) and they're announcing this like it's a surprise.

And... back to some scrapbooking. Here are some more shots of the Ottawa book:

Saskatoon Watch - Day 6

Still no action...

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I love the library page!!