Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Layouts, Company and a Scrap Date

A few more layouts from the Europe album:

A night spent in Plitvice Lakes National Park where we almost had to camp out in the wilderness because we couldn't find a room. Luckily, after walking forever, we found a woman in the neighbouring town who had a room, but no heat. Hmmmmm... an adventure.

And some of my favourite stamps. Every chane I get to use them:

A Blue Mosque layout:

Our company was Brad's dad, who showed up and helped us build some shelves in the garage and helped us clean out under the deck and create a little storage space there. Nice to get that done before the baby arrives.

Yesterday, I met a friend for a scrap date and had a fantastic time! So nice to spend a day scrapbooking with a fellow crafter. Hopefully, we can keep meeting up after Saskatoon arrives...

Saskatoon Watch - Day One:

Since the due date is tomorrow, and we still don't have a cute, bouncy baby, I'm starting Saskatoon Watch, a quick update on what's going on with Baby Malacko.

The doctor told us today that nothing had changed... sigh... next appointment is Tuesday where we talk about inducing.

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