Monday, April 12, 2010

Dad's Day

Saturday was Dad's Day here. Brad took care of Gracie all by himself for the day. She's taking the bottle so well, I'm only feeding her at night, so that's great! It gives me a little more freedom. I don't have any pictures of their day, but they both seemed to have fun and I got a little bit of a break. How nice!

I sort of got to sleep in (Gracie doesn't have a quiet voice in the morning), then I had a leisurely shower and got ready, had breakfast, did some scrapbooking and then headed out for some shopping with a friend. Ahhhh.

Brad had another hockey playoff game Saturday, so at 4 pm, we swapped and he headed to the game (which they won).

Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet weekend here. We got some spring cleaning done Sunday and most nights, we were in bed, reading by nine. Ha! How old are we?

Gracie is at a really funny stage right now. She has started moving around in her crib at night, so now when I go to check on her, I always find her somewhere other than where I laid her down, and it usually looks like a tornado blew through her crib. She's laying with her head at the other end of the crib, there's a blankie crumpled up by her head and lambie is still in her mouth, because she fell asleep chewing on him. It just cracks me up. Again, I have no pictures because I woke her up the last time I tried to get one...

Here are some pictures of one of her cute new spring outfits. If only the weather would cooperate...

Hmmm, no toys to play with....

Oh wait, here's one.


And an example of Chatty Cathy's talkative ways (keep in mind, she clams up a bit when the camera comes out, so this is Gracie dialed down)!

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