Thursday, April 08, 2010

Gracie Updates

We've been home since Monday night and all ready Miss Gracie is sleeping so much better. She's having longer naps, sleeping better at night and is even falling asleep better than ever. Luckily, we will be home every night except for one for the next three weeks. Hopefully, we can get her back on track before we have to travel too far again.

Yesterday, she had two, two hour naps (which hasn't happened since the last time we were at home for a long stretch) and she would've slept longer, but I accidentally woke her up trying to take a picture of her sleeping :) She looked so cute! She's started moving around in her crib and this was the first time she's slept on her belly....

It's so great that we're all getting a little more sleep, but even when she's not sleeping well and she's teething or she's got an upset tummy, she is such a happy little girl. She cracks me up!

The other day I was feeding her and I looked away from her for a minute and looked back to see her staring at me, so I made a funny face.... she started laughing so hard that milk shot out her nose. How funny is this kid??

Unfortunately, it's hard to capture her laughter on camera because she starts staring at it as soon as I pull it out and stops what she's doing. Here's a quick video I caught of her laughing at a game of keep away with my sweater.

And a new flexibility feat.... Watch how she casually bends over and sees her foot: "hmmm, look at this."
Then, into her mouth it goes!

Can you see how great she is at sitting up? She has such good balance now, even with a big head and a round, little bum. She's been sitting for two or three weeks and can catch herself and hold herself steady for so long!

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M said...

tht flexability video made me laugh out loud. What a kid.