Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More catching up

Happy Easter! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays. We headed to my parent's farm for a few days and got to see all kinds of family. Very nice and relaxing.

Gracie got her first tooth last Wednesday, which just happened to be my birthday. Happy Birthday mom! It's still too tiny to get a picture of, but when it comes up a bit more, I'll show it off.

For now, this is what I woke up to on my birthday:

What a great start to the day! Happy girl, crazy hair, ridiculously cute.

Brad's sister Tara had her baby on Good Friday! That just makes Good a little better, doesn't it?? Paige Dawn is her name and she's a little beauty. We'll be down to see her next week. Can't wait.

This is a picture of our SalsaBabies group. Unfortunately, some missed the last class so not everyone is in the picture, but a good portion of the group was there. Such a fun class for both moms and babes.

Notice there are a few sleepers in the group? Too cute.

And my tiny dancer:

And a picture of Gracie and my mom sizing each other up when she came for a visit a few weeks ago.

Now we have a few days at home to get back on a schedule. Can't wait!

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