Thursday, April 22, 2010

New rug

I have been looking for a rug for our living room so Gracie has something other than hardwood and folded up quilts to play on and I finally found one at Bed, Bath and Beyond (I also found sheets that I was looking for there - both on sale!)

It's quite big, as you can probably tell by how tiny Gracie looks on it, but it's perfect for her to play on. Once we get it all flattened out it will look better, too.

Of course, within an hour of setting it up, a glass of milk got spilt on it....gotta break things in fast in our household.

As a side note, in some scrapbooking catalogues I was leafing through, I found this website

You can upload a picture to this site and it will give you 9 + swatches of colours that they pulled out of your photo. Could be handy for picking out papers... or painting a room or decorating...

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