Friday, May 28, 2010

A few new layouts

I worked on both of these at a scrap day with a bunch of family and friends. So much fun. I love that scrapbooking not only captures memories, but brings people together. How nice that I come from a crafty family.

There's something about babies in coveralls that just makes me smile.

Grab your pens, folks. Doodling is a really easy way to kick your layouts up a notch. It's easy and while there are templates out there, I think the end result is more eye-catching if you just let your creativity out and do it yourself. If you're nervous, it's easy to draw a simple line around a few elements to add depth and to draw your eye to each element. If you aren't sure, try some doodles on a scrap piece of paper.

Side note: Watch the texture of the paper you're doodling on. This is a textured cardstock, which is a little trickier to doodle on. Just press a little harder with your pen and use a ruler for straight lines.

This layout is a simple smattering of die-cut butterflies. I just liked the idea of lots of butterflies fluttering around like in a butterfly garden.

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