Sunday, May 02, 2010

National Scrapbooking Day

Did you know that yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day? That's right, we have a holiday! Since sleep has been elusive in our house lately, I didn't do much to celebrate other than visit my favourite local store to partake in their celebrations.

Treasured Memories is a fantastic store in Edmonton and they had 30% off everything yesterday and a goodie bag for the first 50 people through the doors. Also, thanks to Curtis, Brandi and Jada, I had a gift certificate! Yay! What better way to lure a person in? I actually didn't get much, but I really NEEDED a few things, so I had to add them to my stash. :)

Plus, I ran into a friend, Jacqueline and her son, Jake, that I've been meaning to call for months. If only I had gotten some sleep the night before, I may have had something interesting to say, unfortunately, basic communications were all I could muster. I will rectify it, though. This week, Jacqueline, we'll set a scrapbook date.

Otherwise, I spent NSD cleaning the house, playing with Miss Gracie, and visiting an old friend who stopped by.

Even though we haven't been getting much sleep here, can you think of a cuter reason to be up at night?? :)

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