Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a week!

What a great week we've had! My first mother's day was fantastic! I got completely spoiled and had a great day hanging out with Brad and Gracie. My parent's brought gifts when they came to visit too, so life is good for this first time mom. Flowers, planters full of herbs, flowers, spinach and tomatoes, a gift certificate to a spa, a new CD, and Gracie even wrote me a little note (she dictated and Brad typed apparently) which was quite nice. As Brad says, "It's like getting an extra birthday every year!"

I'm very blessed.

And the week hasn't slowed down, it started out good and it's staying good. Monday, G and I headed to strollercise and yesterday, Jacqueline came over to scrapbook with me for a few hours, which was great. Plus, she brought the most delicious muffins. mmmmmm...

Now, we have nothing planned today except possibly a grocery run and a ball game tonight (brad). Tomorrow, we've got company coming for supper, Friday I'm meeting a friend for some shopping, Saturday we have a birthday party and Sunday we're going to the mall to meet some other friends. Whew! Sometime, I will need to clean my house and do laundry as well....

Here are some pictures of my parents playing with Gracie on their last visit:

Gracie loves to walk everywhere now since they came to visit.

And my beautiful bouquet:

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