Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We had a fun-filled week full of playdates, suppers with friends and a fantastic sun-soaked birthday party. Ahhh, summer. I've missed summer.

We had a few friends over for supper and got to meet Catriona, who is just a few months older than Gracie.

They usually played by themselves, but Gracie was watching Cat crawl around (moving forward) and was quite interested.

This one's my favourite. An action shot. I may not be able to crawl forward, but I can still attack!

One of Brad's coworkers was here from Ottawa instructing and he joined us for supper, too. He loved playing with Gracie (and Grampa's pie-that may be the actual reason he comes all the way to Alberta to teach).

On a side note, it's still burning hot here and lovely! We had strollercise this morning and it was +27 C when we were heading home at 11 am! Yikes! Got a little extra workout with that heat.

Hope you're enjoying it!

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