Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This girl can move!

We had to move the crib down tonight, because Gracie is on the move now. She loves to pull herself up on her exersaucer, in a laundry basket (which is her new favourite toy - mine toy, she's trapped!) or on Brad or I.

She can move pretty fast, too for not really crawling. She crawls, but she only goes backwards, a trait she apparently picked up from me. Between rolling, scooting and backwards crawling, she gets around!

The other day, I was getting ready and had her sitting in the middle of our bed playing. I pulled my shirt over my head and in that instant, she was laying on the edge of the bed, with her head hanging off. Yikes! Thank God I was leaning up against the bed and I didn't get my shirt caught on a ponytail or something!

Now, the baby proofing begins....

Here's a little glimpse of her trying to play with the toys on her exersaucer from the outside:

See how much strength this takes?

This is me trying to make her laugh, to see if she'll let go.... (kidding-but she wouldn't)

What a kid!

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