Saturday, May 29, 2010

Make Your Own Ruffles, Curls, and Flowers

Want to add some variety to your pages? Try adding some dimension with ruffles, curls or flowers.

To make the pleated ruffle at the bottom of this page, simply cut a strip of double sided tape the length of the finished ruffle, leaving the protective back on. I use sookwang. Next, cut a long, thin strip of paper (I needed two strips, one 12" and one 6", because I wanted my finished ruffle to stretch all the way across the 12" page) and adhere one end to the sticky side of the tape. Carefully fold the paper towards you about an inch from the end, and then fold it away from you so that about a tiny amount of the paper strip overlaps. Press another inch down to the adhesive and continue this until you reach the desired length. If you're using two strips, just pick up right where you left off with your second strip, but tuck the ends under one of the folds so they're hidden.

The strip of paper above the ruffle was simply cut vertically to different depths and rolled back to reveal some of the back side of the paper.

I love paper bags. They're useful for more than just packing lunches. It may seem funny, but I love the texture they can add to a page. Here I used a paper bag to make my flower and my ruffle.

Making the flower is similar to making the ruffle. Start with a square of double sided tape and again, leave the protective backing on. Now, use the same folding technique as you used to make the ruffle, simply fold the paper towards you and then back onto itself while twisting in a circle, pressing down occasionally to adhere it.

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Mdogg said...

Good use of paper bags! And here I thought they were just for carrying drinks.