Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sebastien's 1st Birthday

We had such a great time at Sebastien's birthday on Saturday! It was a perfect day for a party by the lake. Great food, friends, sunshine, water and playground equipment - everything you need.

Our little party-goer:

And, I have never seen a birthday boy (or girl, for that matter) enjoy their cake as much as he did. Too cute!

Gracie had the perfect dress and hat to keep her out of the sunshine and was not much of a fan of the prickly grass or the hot sand, preferring her little blankie, where she could keep an eye on the other kids. Queen Gracie, residing over her subjects.

But, we managed to get her to the playground. All of those bright colours and laughing, running kids were just too much for her to miss out on.

Love those chubby, little thighs :)

And that adorable little face!

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